2016-06: Bees Begin Comb Building

A quick visual inspection earlier in June, revealed that the bees were building comb and capped comb.  Everything is looking great!

At this point there are no new bees from what was installed a few weeks ago.  If there is a queen, and she is laying eggs, it takes 21 days for a female worker bee to emerge from the wax cell.  Dan is hoping that by late next week,  he can pull out some frames and see some new bees.  And, if lucky, get a picture of the queen.   The colony depends on these new bees to help with all of the work.  There colony has many jobs for the worker bees including feeding the brood, cleaning the hive, making comb, gathering nectar and pollen, making honey, and guarding the hive.  

Because of the upcoming heat wave, Dan has also added a second box.  In the 2nd picture, see the bees checking out their new addition!