Annual Arbor Day Tree Sale

Tree Pickup:
Tentatively Rescheduled to
Saturday, May 16, 9 AM – 1 PM

Where:  Blaine Public Works, 1801 - 101st Avenue NE

  • You must be a Blaine resident to purchase trees.
  • Residents are limited to two trees per household.
  • You must reserve the trees in advance, and pay for them upon pickup. Cash or Check 0nly.

We offer three options to reserve your trees:

  1. Reserve a Tree Online
  2. Call Public Works at 763-785-6165
  3. Email Public Works at

These are bare root trees, and do not come with a warranty.

Apple (Honeyscrisp)11/16 inch diameterSOLD OUT$22
Apple (McIntosh)11/16 inch diameter
Birch (River)6 foot clumpSOLD OUT$35
Crabapple (Spring Snow)4 foot
Elm (Accolade)6 foot
Hydrangea (Quickfire)3.5 foot
Lilac (Japenese)3 foot tree
Linden (Redmond)1 inch diameter
Maple (Autumn Blaze)1 inch diameter
Maple (Sugar)1.25 inch diameter
Ironwood6 foot
Willow (Weeping)1 inch diameter

If you want more than two trees,
we will sell leftover trees at the end of the sale at 1:00 PM.