Snow & Ice Control


Appropriate snow and ice control is necessary for emergency services as well as routine travel. Providing this service in a cost-effective manner is a discretionary decision of the City Council. This policy is needed to provide direction for these operations and guidelines for employees and residents based on available resources.

No Duty or Right Established

The purpose of the Snow and Ice Control policy is to establish goals for the City of Blaine regarding snow and ice control. It's not to be construed to create any duty to any individual, person or entity.

This policy does not provide any special protection or service to any individual or group of individuals. No additional rights shall be granted any individual or entity simply by adoption and enforcement of this policy.

This policy may be affected in total or in part, as a result of:

  • Acts of God
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Inadequacy of equipment
  • Other unforeseen, uncontrolled or unanticipated acts
  • Shortage of personnel
  • State or federal regulations
  • Strikes
  • Weather conditions


This policy is intended to provide guidelines for snow and ice control operations for streets under the City's jurisdiction only. At this time, the City of Blaine does not have any contracts for service with either Anoka County or MnDOT, although the City will assist these agencies in emergency conditions, if requested.

Anoka County has jurisdiction over several miles of collector and arterial roads within the City. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) also has jurisdiction over several miles of highway within and the City boundaries.