Door-to-Door Peddlers & Solicitors

Throughout the year, door-to-door peddling, soliciting and canvassing raises questions from Blaine residents. While most of these activities are regulated by the city, they cannot be prohibited entirely.

The hand of a man knocking on a door.

A canvasser, for example, may go door-to-door without a permit from the city. A canvasser may be a person asking for signatures on a petition, requesting support for a political candidate or position, or seeking donations for a religious organization. 

Safety Tips

For your safety, remember the following:

Please help make neighborhoods safer by promptly reporting unlicensed solicitors or any other suspicious activity to the Blaine Police Department. Residents can always call 911 or in a non-emergency situation residents can call the non-emergency line at 763-427-1212.

Applying for a Solicitor/Peddler License

Peddler/Solicitor/Transient Merchant licenses are required for any person who goes house-to-house, door-to-door, business-to-business, street-to-street to the purpose of offering for sale, display for sale, selling or attempting to sell goods, wares, products, or merchandise.

Apply for Solicitor/Peddler License