Web Articles & Awards

A couple of years ago City Manager Clark Arneson spoke to employees to express some of his personnel philosophies and organizational expectations of city departments and divisions as well as the city in general.

The City Manager's expectation, stated simply, was and still is that our services and products are best of class when compared to our peer cities. Heidi Andrea, Roark Haver and Brian Wold, our communications team, along with the Information Services Division and Finance Department, recently received an award from Juggle declaring Blaine's website one of Minnesota's best for city government websites.

Bloomington, Minneapolis and Maple Grove were other cities recognized and clearly are peer cities to Blaine. Contest criteria specifically stated the visual appeal, use of technology and navigability of the website were positive attributes. This award did not require an entry fee and did not ask us to submit information to be considered; Juggle simply selected Blaine.

City Connect, our website, also was recognized for optimizing the full potential of Blaine's Twitter and Facebook pages. In today's world, our communications need to go where people are gathering their information. Our communications team is accomplishing that mission.