City Water System

Water Storage

The city water comes from one of our 17 deep wells, that are five to seven hundred feet deep. Pumps in these wells pump the water to the cities 4 water towers. Each water tower holds one million gallons of water with exception of the new tower on Lexington and 125th Avenue that holds 2 million gallons.

Blaine also has one reservoir that holds five million gallons of water and has three booster pumps. Once the water is pumped into the towers, the water elevation in the towers will determine the water pressure.

Water Distribution

The City's average water pressure is 62 psi, this pressure is needed to send the water on its way through the 200 miles of water main that goes past your home under the street. From there, the water enters your private water service by a one inch copper pipe, and your usage is registered on your water meter.

There are approximately 16,000 homes and over 1,100 businesses on the City's water system. The average daily water demand is 6.5 million gallons, with a peak demand of roughly 18.5 million gallons on a hot summer day. The City of Blaine's water division also maintains 2,550 fire hydrants throughout the city.