Storm Damage Permit Process

Storm Damage Permit Process

Permitted Hours of Construction

Permitted hours of construction are  7AM to 10PM.  To report violations, please call the non-emergency police phone number at 763-427-1212. 

Building Permitting and Requirements 

With the recent storm damage, we would like to remind everyone that permits are required for construction projects such as reroofing, residing, new windows/doors, skylight replacement, and deck repair. In addition, we recommend doing your homework before hiring a contractor. Please see the following links for contractor consumer tips, and related applications & handouts for construction projects.

QUESTION:  For partial re-siding of an older home is a water-resistive barrier required such as House Wrap?

ANSWER:  Yes all homes and attached garages require a water-resistive barrier under replaced siding regardless of when the home was built.  New water-resistive barrier is required when any complete portions or sides of siding material (top to bottom of wall) is replaced.  Existing water-resistive barrier must be removed and replaced in these areas only.  Existing siding that will remain in place can remain "as is".