Water Treatment Facilities

Purpose & Benefits

The City of Blaine currently operates four water treatment plants. The purpose of these facilities is to improve the quality of the water while more efficiently managing the City's water supply. With these four water treatment plants the City has enough capacity to provide high quality treated water to the entire City.

The City's water infrastructure includes wells and well houses located in all parts of the City. The treatment process includes using natural materials to strip out the iron and manganese, which are undesirable, and add polyphosphates and chlorine, which are required for safety reasons.

The result is water that tastes better, will not stain washing machines, sinks, or clothes, and will not damage pipes. The treated water meets all health standards.

Water Demand

With the completion of Blaine's fourth water treatment plant in 2021 the City is now prepared to be able to meet the increased demand for treated water as the full build out of the City is completed.