18-17: Jefferson Street Area Reconstructions

Current Status

After hearing concerns from multiple contractors during the bidding process regarding the ability to complete the entire project in 2019 and the high costs that would result, the project was divided into a two year project in order to receive better construction prices.

The project year breakdown is as follows: 2019-construct Jefferson Street from 112th Avenue to 119th Avenue.  2020-construct Jefferson Street and 104th Court from 104th Court to 112th Avenue.

A preconstruction meeting was held with the contractor on Thursday, July 18. The contractor has indicated a start date of August 5, 2019, this date could vary slightly depending on weather or other unforeseen delays.

The 2019 portion of the project will be completed by mid-November.

Project Location 

This project will reconstruct Jefferson Street from 119th Avenue NE to 104th Court NE.  

Project Description 

Improvements include spot repair/replacement of concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk, storm drainage improvements, spot sanitary service repair, raw water interconnect, spot water main repair, asphalt surface replacement, traffic control signage, and appurtenant construction.  

Project Documents

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This project will reconstruct 
18-17 Jefferson Location Map