19-07: 2019 - 2020 Street Reconstructions

Project Update - 8/14/2020

During the week of August 17 the contractor will:

  • Pave the final layer of pavement on Radisson Road and the first layer of pavement on Quail Creek Parkway.
  • Continue with storm sewer repairs on Aberdeen Street and Ulysses Street.
  • Finish spot curb replacement on Aberdeen Street and Ulysses Street.
  • Pave the first layer of pavement on Aberdeen Street and Ulysses Street late in the week (tentative and may fall to the following week).
  • Begin spot curb removal on the streets in the Rice Creek Parkway area.

Project Locations

  • Baltimore Street from 105th Avenue to approximately 575 feet north of 105th Avenue 
  • Aberdeen Street from Cloud Drive to 125th Avenue 
  • 123rd Ave from Aberdeen Street to approximately 200 feet west 
  • Ulysses Street from Paul Parkway to approximately 750 feet south of 125th Avenue
  • Quail Creek Parkway from Radisson Road to Palisade Court
  • Radisson Road from 123rd Lane alignment to cul de sac
  • Flanders Street from 95th Avenue to Rice Creek Parkway 
  • Rice Creek Parkway from Flanders Street to Xylite Street 
  • Xylite Street from Rice Creek Parkway to 85th Avenue 
  • 91st Avenue from Xylite Street to Bataan Street
  • Jamestown Street from 93rd Avenue to cul de sac
  • 94th Lane from Jamestown Street to Harpers Court
  • Harpers Court from 94th Lane to cul de sac

Project Description 

Work will generally consist of grinding up the existing bituminous pavement into gravel, installation of additional storm sewer in select locations, minor watermain valve/hydrant repairs, spot or full replacement of existing curb and gutter, spot sidewalk repair and pedestrian ramp improvements (where present) and paving a new bituminous road surface.

All of the streets will remain the same width and configuration as the currently are. The general construction process is as follows:

  • The existing pavement surface will be ground up into gravel and existing curb and gutter (if present) will be removed. Spot sections of damaged concrete curb and gutter will be removed (if present).
  • Underground utility work will be constructed where planned.
  • The gavel road base will be graded and shaped and new concrete curb and gutter will be installed along the entire road (105th Avenue) or where removed for spot replacement (115th Avenue, Quincy Street, Taylor Street, Van Buren Court).
  • After the concrete curb and gutter has cured, the first layer (base course) of the new bituminous street surface will be paved.
  • The second layer (wear course) of the bituminous pavement will be paved.
  • Boulevards will be restored and sodded.

It is the goal of the project to keep access available at all times for those residents and businesses that take direct access off of the project streets but the road surface will be gravel during most of the project. During some of the underground storm sewer work, short term closures of a block long portion of the street during the day may be needed. There may be short term delays for access to or from your driveway or on the road where you may have to wait for the construction equipment to pass by. During curb and gutter installation and driveway apron replacement, there will be a period of days where residents will not be able to access their driveways and all parking must be done on street. Residents will receive notification prior to any driveway closures. The project is anticipated to take approximately four months to complete.

Project Documents