19-07: 2019 Street Reconstructions

Project Location

  • Baltimore Street from 105th Avenue to approximately 575 feet north of 105th Avenue
  • Aberdeen Street from Cloud Drive to 125th Avenue
  • 123rd Ave from Aberdeen Street to approximately 200 feet west
  • Ulysses Street from Paul Parkway to approximately 750 feet south of 125th Avenue
  • Quail Creek Parkway from Radisson Road to Palisade Court
  • Radisson Road from 123rd Lane alignment to cul de sac
  • Tournament Players Parkway from 109th Avenue to Radisson Road
  • Flanders Street from 95th Avenue to Rice Creek Parkway
  • Rice Creek Parkway from Flanders Street to Xylite Street
  • Xylite Street from Rice Creek Parkway to 85th Avenue
  • 91st Avenue from Xylite Street to Bataan Street
  • Jamestown Street from 93rd Avenue to cul de sac
  • 94th Lane from Jamestown Street to Harpers Court
  • Harpers Court from 94th Lane to cul de sac

Project Description

Proposed improvements include repair/replacement of concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk, pedestrian ramp improvements, storm sewer and structure improvements, full depth reclamation, new sanitary castings and rings, and appurtenant construction.  

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2019 Street Reconstructions Location Map