19-18: 2020 Street Reconstructions - Area 2

Project Location

  • Taylor Street from 129th Avenue to 132nd Lane
  • Pierce Street from Taylor Street to 132nd Lane
  • Lincoln Street from 131st Lane to 132nd Lane
  • Johnson Street from 131st Lane to 132nd Lane
  • 129th Avenue from Polk Street to Taylor Street
  • 131st Lane from Lincoln Street to Central Avenue
  • 132nd Lane from Taylor Street to Central Avenue
  • 132nd Avenue from Johnson Street to Central Avenue

Project Description

The City of Blaine is beginning the process for a street reconstruction project to be designed and constructed in 2020 for the above mentioned streets.

The project will fully reconstruct the above streets with new pavement and concrete curb and gutter.

The City of Blaine has hired a consultant engineer to complete the necessary preliminary surveying and design to create a feasibility report that will further identify the specifics of the work to be done on each street and the associated costs. Owners of property on the included streets will be mailed an invitation to an open house this winter once the feasibility report has been completed. At the open house, city staff and the consultant engineer will be present to discuss the project in detail with affected residents.

Location Map