Lever Street Development Area


Northeast corner of Blaine, north of 125th Avenue NE and between Lexington Avenue NE, and the Blaine/Lino Lakes border at Sunset Avenue NE 


The Lever Street development area includes completed, current, and future single family home developments north of 125th Avenue around Lever Street. All land in this development area, other than the location of the new elementary school is guided in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for low density residential at a density of 2.5-6 units per acre, which includes traditional single family homes and one story villas.

Lever Street

Proposed Subdivisions

Lexington Waters

Lexington Waters will include up to 176 single-family homes, 120 detached townhomes, municipal streets, stormwater basins, wetland preservation, and parkland on 115 acres. Site development will involve mass grading, connections to municipal sewer and water, and excavation of stormwater basins. The project is currently in the environmental review process.

Lexington Waters Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Approved Subdivisions

Lexington Woods

Lexington Woods is a 66 lot single family home development by DR Horton. Construction is anticipated to start in 2021.


Woodridge is a 56 lot single family home development by Lennar.

Oakwood Ponds

Oakwood Ponds is a 211 lot single family home and villa development by various builders.  Homes are under construction in the first phases of the development while grading work is underway in the later phases. Builders include Creative Homes and Pulte Homes.

Mill Pond

Mill Pond is a 93 lot single family home development by various builders. Streets have been constructed and homes are beginning to be constructed. Builders include Boulder Contracting and Eternity Homes

Lexington Cove

Lexington Cove is a 97 lot single family home development by Lennar. Construction of homes began fall of 2020.

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