Park Hours

City Parks are open to the public between 5AM and 10PM.

Alcohol & Beer

No person is allowed to consume or have in possession any intoxicating liquor or beer including 3.2 beer while in a public park, unless a temporary beer license has been obtained for 3.2 beer only (Ordinance No. 88-104, June 2, 1988). A temporary beer license can only be issued to an organization or business. Dram Shop insurance is required to obtain this license.

Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles of any type are restricted to roadways and designated parking lots (Ordinance No. 86-942, May 1, 1986). No overnight parking is allowed (Ordinance No. 87-1038, August 20, 1987).

Garbage & Refuse

No person shall cause garbage, refuse, rubbish, or litter to be deposited in public parks (Ordinance No. 351, 2−21−74).

Vending Food, Beverage & Merchandise

All vending of food, beverage, and/or merchandise on park property must obtain a permit from the Parks and Recreation Department and a temporary food handlers permit from Anoka County.

Animals in Parks

All animals in public parks must be under the control of the owner. Owners are responsible for removing animal droppings from the park.

Fire in Parks

Fires are restricted to park provided fire pits or metal grills. Park users may also use their own metal grills.

Cutting of Trees is Prohibited

No trees, tree limbs, or shrubbery may be cut. A permit to cut dead wood must be obtained from the Public Works Department.


No overnight camping is allowed in public parks, unless a Special Permit has been obtained from the Parks and Recreation Department.

Photo Policy

Photographs of program or park participants are periodically taken. These photos may appear in the local newspapers or Parks Department publications. If you do not want your photo used, please tell the photographer.

Refund Policy

Refunds are given if programs are canceled or if registration fails because the activity is full. Refunds cannot be guaranteed after deadlines or if the program has begun. Trip refunds are subject to specific policies on a per-trip basis, based on advanced purchases. Participants must contact the Parks Department to request a refund. Refunds will not be given after a program is complete.

Weather Policy

Every attempt will be made to inform participants of program cancellations due to inclement weather. When weather is a factor, parents or participants may call the Parks and Recreation Department at 763-785-6164 or visit BlaineParks.com for updated program information.  Weather cancellations and delays will be posted on social media and the Parks and Recreation alert center.