21-07: 132nd Avenue and Hastings Street Area Rehabilitations

Project Update - 11/05/2021

Construction has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact SEH Inspector Erik Navratil at 612-257-4184 or enavratil@sehinc.com.

Project Location

The project area includes the following streets:

  • 132nd Lane from Davenport Street to Hastings Street
  • 132nd Avenue from Aberdeen Street to Hastings Street
  • Davenport Street from 131st Avenue ending 1160 feet North
  • Eldorado Street from 130th Avenue to 132nd Avenue
  • Hastings Street from 130th Avenue to 132nd Lane
  • 131st Lane from Baltimore Street to Davenport Street
  • 130th Lane from Baltimore Street ending 460 Feet East
  • 130th Avenue from Baltimore Street to Hasting Street
  • Chisholm Street from 129th Avenue to 130th Avenue
  • Goodhue Street from 130th Avenue to 131st Avenue

Project Description

The proposed project will replace pavement on the street segments listed under project location. The proposed improvements include spot concrete curb and gutter repair/replacement, minor storm drainage improvements, spot watermain repair, asphalt surface replacement, traffic control signage, and appurtenant construction.

Project Documents