21-08: 99th Avenue and 101st Avenue Rehabilitation

Project Update - 11/05/2021

Construction has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Travis Pearl at 612-599-3191 or Travis.Pearl@bolton-menk.com.

Project Location

99th Avenue and 101st Avenue from Highway 65 to University Avenue

Project Description

This proposed project would rehabilitate 99th Avenue/101st Avenue, from Hwy 65 to University Avenue by means of a 2½ inch thick mill/overlay. It is also proposed to perform a chip seal on the milled surface, just prior to paving the overlay. The purpose of this treatment method, which is known as a Texas Underseal, is to extend the life of the mill/overlay and delay reflective cracking.

Additional proposed street improvements include upgrades to the existing signal system (i.e. battery backup and pedestrian push buttons) concrete pedestrian ramps, replacement of damaged concrete sidewalks, construction of a new sidewalk on the north side of 99th Avenue, from Ulysses Street to the Holiday Station Store driveway, and replacement of all signing.

Proposed utility improvements consist of replacement of the old-style hydrants and minor maintenance of the sanitary and storm sewer structures, such as patching the existing concrete adjusting rings, inverts, doghouses, etc.

Project Documents