Blaine 35


The northwest corner of 35W and 85th Avenue (County Road J)


The project is under construction. Grading and construction began for the first of three buildings in summer 2021. 

Construction for the final two buildings is scheduled to start in 2022. 


Artis REIT


The project consists of three light industrial/office buildings totaling over 300,000 square feet.

Blaine 35

The buildings will have a mix of high quality materials with windows and modern canopies to provide visual interest on the large buildings.

Blaine 35 Rendering

A fence and landscaping will be installed adjacent to the existing single family homes on the western property line.

Additional Information

In December 2021, Arch Equity Partners announced Chandler Industries will be consolidating their Bethel and Minneapolis divisions creating their new headquarters in the 100,000 sq ft building that is part of the Blaine 35 project. 


  • Planning Commission - March 9, 2021
  • City Council - April 5, 2021

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