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    GIS and Data Services

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Division provides the City of Blaine and the public with City information in a visual format and oversees all data and geographic projects.

GIS uses software, hardware, data, and people to manage, analyze, and display many forms of information. The analysis and display of information is used in many ways throughout the City including:

  • Data governance - guidance on all data-system projects, records access and management, system integration coordination.
  • All geospatial functions - maps, GPS, remote sensing, aerial photography, data warehousing.
  • Open data management - data publishing, open data portals, public data requests.
  • Data exchange and coordination - federal, state, regional, and municipal partners.
  • Analytics and business intelligence - dashboards, reports, business workflow analysis, geographic analysis.
  • Application support - information management for most internal and external data systems.

View all maps and applications in the Map and Application Portal. Additional information is available upon request, please email GISTeam@BlaineMN.gov (fees will apply for custom maps).

  1. GIS Team

  2. Adam Gardner

    GIS Coordinator

  3. Eric Potvin

    GIS Technician