Medallion Hunt - 437x437

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    Thursday, June 27

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    $500 Cash Prize

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    City Parks


  1. There are no alerts at this time.

If found please call Jerome at 763-286-6603.

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Clue Schedule

  1. Clue #1 and #2 will be posted at NOON and 4:30PM on Thursday, June 27 on the and websites.  
  2. Clue #3 will be posted at 10AM on Friday, June 28.
  3. Clue #4 will be posted at 10AM on Saturday, June 29.
  4. Clue #5 (Final Clue) will be posted at 10AM on Sunday, June 30.

Where is the Medallion Hidden?

In one of Blaine's 65 parks. It will be easy!  Park maps are available at the Park and Recreation office or visit and print a copy.  

What is the Prize for Finding the Medallion?

A $500 Cash Prize from Magnifi Financial.

Medallion Hunt Rules

  • The medallion is hidden above the ground, but could be under leaves, branches and other things lying on the ground. Do not dig underground!
  • The Medallion is not hidden higher than five (5) feet, so please do not climb on park trees.
  • Please be careful around shrubs so they do not get damaged.
  • The Medallion is hidden in a City Park, please do not search on private property.
  • Parks are closed from 10PM to 5AM, please search during daylight hours.
  • Please use the parking lots provided in each park and drive no further into the parks.

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