16-14: Reconstruction of Pheasant Ridge Drive and Lexington Avenue Intersection

Project Update - October 14, 2019

Phase 1 

This week (10/13-10/19) the contractor is working on the new water main connection, grading the aggregate base in preparation of the new curb and gutter which will also be placed this week.

Paving is scheduled for the end of this week (10/13-10/19) or the beginning of next week (10/20-10/26).  Once the first lift of bituminous is placed on the first phase the contractor will immediately start Phase 2

Phase 2 – (to start immediately after first lift of bituminous is placed on Phase 1)

  1. Reclaim pavement
  2. Underground utilities  
  3. Concrete curb
  4. Shape gravel base and place asphalt
  5. Boulevard and median restoration
  6. Place final asphalt and striping
  7. Signal modification

Tentative Project Completion – November 15, 2019  

Access on Pheasant Ridge Drive

The project will be constructed in two phases. The first phase will be reconstructing the north side of Pheasant Ridge Drive. The second phase will be the reconstruction of the south side of Pheasant Ridge Drive. Traffic Control will be put into place to maintain traffic in two directions for each phase of construction. It is the goal of the project to keep access available for businesses throughout the project, with only minor disruptions.                         

Irrigation Systems

The city asks for your help in minimizing potential damage to your irrigation systems. All of the curb and gutter and sidewalk will be removed for the project if you have any irrigation in front of your property, please mark the location of the sprinkler heads. This will help the contractor to minimize or avoid damaging the irrigation system.

Project Location

Pheasant Ridge Drive NE from Lexington Avenue NE to approximately 1700 feet west of Lexington Avenue NE.

Project Description

Project will reconstruct Pheasant Ridge Drive NE from Lexington Avenue NE to approximately 1700 feet west of Lexington Avenue NE.  Improvements will include concrete curb and gutter replacement, concrete sidewalk replacement, storm sewer structure rehabilitation, asphalt surface replacement, turn lane construction, signal modifications, traffic control signage, striping, and appurtenant construction.  The project will also include lane modifications to the westbound private street in The Village.

Project Documents