22-06: Hidden Oaks Street Reconstruction

Project Update - 11/21/2022

Construction has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact WSB inspector Sam Gonsior at 651-380-3272 or sgonsior@wsbeng.com.

22-06 Phasing Map

Project Location

Hidden Oaks neighborhood including:

  • 97th Avenue from Hamline Avenue to Yalta Street
  • 97th Lane from Hamline Avenue to Xebec Street
  • 97th Court from West cul-de-sac to Hamline Avenue
  • 98th Avenue from Hamline Avenue to Xebec Street
  • 98th Lane from Wake Street to Yalta Street
  • 99th Avenue from Wake Street to Xebec Street
  • 99th Lane from Xebec Street to Austin Street
  • Hamline Avenue from Edgewood Road to North cul-de-sac
  • Wake Street from 98th Avenue to 99th Avenue
  • Wake Court from 99th Avenue to North cul-de-sac
  • Xebec Street from Edgewood Road to 99th Lane
  • Yalta Street from 97th Avenue to 99th Lane

Project Description

This proposed project area would be reconstructed with new curb and gutter, aggregate base, and bituminous pavement. The scope of storm sewer improvements is limited to adding inlets at low points where there is currently limited inlet capacity and the replacement of inlet and manhole castings. Water improvements include replacement of select gate valves, select curb stops, and adjustment of other surface features. Sanitary sewer improvements are limited to replacement of manhole castings.

Project Documents