14-11: Reconstruction of 105th Avenue

Project Location

From TH 65 to Radisson Road.

Project Description

This project features the reconstruction of 105th Avenue including the road, trail and sidewalk on both sides.

Project Documents


Plans and specifications have been prepared as directed and are available for Council review in the Engineer’s office. Proposed Option 1 improvements include the creation of two roundabouts, curb and gutter replacement, landscaped
median, new concrete sidewalk and bituminous trail on the north side of 105th Avenue, storm sewer structures, asphalt surface, traffic control signage, striping and appurtenant construction. The estimated total cost of the project is
$7,000,000. The funding sources identified for this project are the City’s Municipal State Aid Street Fund, County Turn Back Funds, the City’s Utility Funds, the City’s existing EDA pooled TIF, and State Bonds.

Schedule of Actions

06/01/17 - Order Advertisement for Bids
07/06/17 - Open Bids
07/13/17 - Accept Bid
08/2017 - Begin Construction of Improvements
11/2018 - Complete Construction of Improvements

105th Ave Layout - Final