Gross Alpha

The City of Blaine’s water system is interconnected with the City of Lexington. The City of Lexington has one well that they use during peak demand. In the past this well has been in violation of the State of Minnesota drinking water standards. The Lexington well has shown elevated levels of gross alpha and radium. Currently the levels within the standards but are near the threshold identified by the Minnesota Department of Health. The levels are below emergency threshold but near the acceptable limit. All water from the City of Blaine system is treated and does not have these issues, but when Lexington activates their well that water does mix into the Blaine system. While we can not stop Lexington from using their well, we do routinely monitor the water quality of our system and any Lexington water that enters the Blaine system is diluted by Blaine water and the risk level is low.

Blaine water is safe and rigorously tested. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Blaine Public Works at or 763-785-6165.