Lost or Stray Dogs

The Blaine Police Department makes an effort to return any dogs found loose in the City. If dogs have clear identification with owner contact information the department will attempt to contact the owners to reunite the dog with their family. If the dog does not have any identification, registration, or tags, or if contact attempts are unsuccessful the dog will be taken to a humane kennel. According to Blaine City Code the animal will be kept at the kennel for a minimum of five days.

The City of Blaine has a contract with Gratitude Farms of East Bethel, MN as our primary location to take lost or stray dogs. The City uses the Animal Humane Society, as a backup location. If your dog has gone missing please contact the Blaine Police Department at
763-785-6168 to inquire if any animals have recently been found and taken to Gratitude Farms.

Primary Kennel:

Gratitude Farms
22359 Bataan Street NE
East Bethel MN 55011

Secondary Kennel:

Animal Humane Society
1411 Main Street NW
Coon Rapids MN 55448