Adopt a Park

The adopt a park program is an opportunity for residents of all ages to become involved in improving their park and trail corridors. This is a partnership between you, neighbors, friends, and the city, in which all parties work together to accomplish needed park and trail improvements. Adopt a park activities may range from monthly clean-up activities, to planting flower gardens, to creating new landscape features or maintaining existing landscape areas. Adopt a Park can involve individuals as well as neighborhood groups or community service organizations.

Where to begin? Explore your neighborhood park or trail corridor to see what could or should be done to improve these areas. Maybe it is a monthly clean up, or maybe certain areas need to be maintained better, or the exiting shrubbery needs some help, or maybe a new landscape feature or focal point is needed. Talk with your neighbors and friends about taking on a project. Exploring the creative potential of your neighborhood park or trail will be fun and challenging.

Become involved in your neighborhood, because this is where you live and spend most of your time. For further information or questions, please contact Nate Monahan.