Geocaching is initiated by an individual hiding a cache, normally a waterproof container with small items inside, then recording the location with a Global Positioning Unit (GPS). The cache may be in a hollow log or under an object. The individual then posts the GPS coordinates, along with a description of the cache on the geocaching website.

Other individuals then try to find the cache. When it is located, they sign a log book, then take or leave a small item. They also post their find on the online log book. 

Geocaching Guidelines in Blaine Parks

  • Caches must be registered online.
  • Unregistered caches will be removed by the City of Blaine.
  • Caches must have the name of the cache on the exterior.
  • Caches must not be buried.
  • Caches must not contain items that are offensive, dangerous, illegal, or perishable.
  • The City of Blaine retains the right to remove, or have removed, a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location or is causing undue impact on the natural habitat.
  • Caches must be at least 1/10 of a mile (528 feet) apart.
  • Caches are not allowed in picnic areas, playground areas, athletic complexes, and beach area.
  • Caches must be at least 25 feet away from electrical boxes.
  • Geocaching may only occur during normal park hours 5AM - 10PM.
  • Geocaching is not allowed in environmentally sensitive areas of park and open space areas, as determined by the City.
  • Geocaching is not permitted on private property when entered from a park or open space.
  • Accessing private property from public property for hiding or seeking caches is not allowed.


Recommended Geocaching Locations include:

  • Hidden Ponds
  • Laddie Lake
  • Kane Meadows
  • Lochness
  • Naples Circle
  • Open Space South Lake Boulevard
  • Pioneer
  • Trees Edge
  • West Lake