Become a Watershed Watcher

Make a Difference

To achieve a clean Mississippi River and clean waters in our local area of Blaine, citizen action needs to come from you. Even in Blaine, your efforts can make a difference. The Mississippi River is not far; what we do in our yards, driveways and neighborhoods will eventually affect it.

Minimize Pollutants

By becoming a watershed watcher, you can help minimize pollutants in our waters.

In your yard you can:
  • Landscape for cleaner stormwater runoff. Allow water from roofs and driveways to drain into yards where it can be absorbed.
  • Reduce the amount of concrete or asphalt in your yard.
  • Don't dump anything into the streets or down street drains.
In your neighborhood you can:
  • Participate in a river clean up or organize a project to paint your street drains to read, "Don't dump waste / Drains to Mississippi River."
  • Become an advocate for clean water and encourage neighbors to do their part.

Learn More

Call your watershed district – RCWD at 763-398-3070 or CCWD at 763-755-0975 – to learn about other programs for clean water.

Provide Feedback

Add your input to the Water Management Planning going on in your city and local watershed. Call Jim Hafner, City of Blaine Stormwater Manager, at 763-785-6188.