Property Information

The city has several different property information databases.

Directions and tips for each system are included below.

Blaine iMS Search Information

Information for new permits issued after October 5 can be found in the iMS system.

  1. To access the Blaine iMS system, go to the Blaine iMS website:
    Blaine iMS Property Information Opens in new window
  2. Go to the Property Addresses tile and select Search Locations.
    ims-propertyaddressesEnlarge Image
  3. On the Search Locations page, begin typing the location home or building number and press Search.ims-searchlocationsEnlarge Image
  4. On the Location Search Results page, select the Record No. associated with the address of the property you are searching.
    ims-locationsearchresultsEnlarge Image
  5. The property information for the selected Record No will be listed. Linked Records represent permits issued for the property. Select on each item to view the corresponding record.
  6. ims-propertyinformationresultsEnlarge Image