Certificate of Occupancy

Program Overview

Certificate of occupancy permits are already required for new construction and remodeling.

The proposed program will only involve businesses which occupy a different building, and businesses which change the occupancy classification of their building. Prior to occupying a building, a business will obtain a certificate indicating that they comply with the City Ordinances, the Uniform Fire Code and the Uniform Building Code.

Read Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Certificate of Occupancy program.

Complete the Certificate of Occupancy Application Permit (PDF).


The purpose of the Certificate of Occupancy is:
  • The program is proposed as a service to the business community. The City is developing this program in an effort to eliminate future hardships by ensuring that tenants are aware of the City or State Regulations prior to relocating to a site.
  • The program will allow the City to obtain emergency key holder information which will assist the businesses in the event of a fire or emergency.
  • The program will also assist the City in identifying the hazardous materials in our community, thus protecting our volunteer fire crews.

Program Process

A prospective business or building owner will contact the Building Department to schedule a Certificate of Occupancy inspection. An inspection will be scheduled with the new business, a building inspector, and a representative of the Planning Department.

Repairs, improvements or concerns, will be given in a written form to the prospective business and building owner. The serious life safety issues will need to be completed before the building can be occupied. Other items can be completed after occupancy with the signed agreement from the owner/tenant.