Community Service Officers


The Community Service Officer (CSO) unit, a part of the patrol division, is comprised of 5 non-sworn CSOs. The purpose of the unit is to assist the department by handling low priority calls and administrative tasks in an effort to keep officers out on the street and available for high priority calls.

Services Provided

Some examples of calls for service that CSOs handle include:

  • Animal calls such as:
  • Illegal burns
  • Ordinance violation complaints such as those involving:
  • Parking complaints:
    • Commercial vehicle parking
    • Parking causing an obstruction
    • Winter parking
    • Winter parking time limitations
  • Vehicle lock-outs:
    • Any person in need of assistance unlocking their vehicle should call the non-emergency number, 763-427-1212. This service can also be obtained through 911.
    • Officers will only unlock vehicles for valid, licensed drivers after signing a liability waiver.
    • Please do not hesitate to call 911, especially if a child or animal is locked inside.

Additionally, CSOs also assist officers on high priority calls, such as traffic accidents with injuries, fires, medicals and other similar incidents.