Traffic Complaints


Residents are encouraged to contact the Blaine Police Department if they feel there is a speeding problem on a local road. 

To report a speeding problem contact the Blaine Police Department.

Traffic Education

In some cases, educating drivers can help to reduce or eliminate a speeding problem. The Blaine Police Department can utilize a variety of education tools to address a speeding problem on a local road. Some of the methods used include. 

  • Officer stops and warnings
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Digital speed sign trailer
  • Website announcement of speeding problem area and targeted enforcement

Complaint Process

When calling in a complaint, a member of the Blaine Police Department will discuss the nature of the complaint and obtain any additional information needed to determine what course of action should be taken. 

Such things as the specific location where the speeding problem occurs, if there are particular times of day where the speeding is prevalent are all important information that helps the Police Department to formulate an effective course of action.

Complaint Action

In some cases, the Blaine Police Department may determine that it is best to begin education and/or enforcement activities immediately. In other cases, the Blaine Police Department may determine that a more detailed analysis needs to be done to further investigate the complaint to determine the specific nature of the speeding problem and target a response that best fits the situation at hand.

In these cases the Blaine Police Department will work in conjunction with the Engineering Department and/or the Traffic Commission to gather necessary data and then determine the best course of action.