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  1. Back to School Safety

    Back to School Safety

    Posted to News: Blaine on September 4, 2023

    Back to school means more driving, more traffic, and more kids in crosswalks. Read More
  2. Ebike

    Blaine PD Wants You to Bike Safely this Summer

    Posted to News: Blaine on July 31, 2023

    Biking is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors, stay fit, and have fun. By following these safety tips and being mindful of your surroundings, you can ensure a secure and enjoyable biking experience this summer. Read More...
  3. SBM Grilling Safety 300 x 192

    Grilling Season Safety Tips

    Posted to News: Blaine on June 9, 2023

    Even out of every 10 adults in the U.S. have a grill or smoker, which translates to a lot of tasty meals. But it also means there’s an increased risk of home fires. Read More
  4. Peddliers and Solicitors

    Peddlers and Solicitors Need a Permit in Blaine

    Posted to News: Blaine on June 6, 2023

    All solicitors and peddlers are required to obtain a permit from the City Clerk's Office prior to going door to door in Blaine. Read More