Prepare Your Workplace

To help your workplace prepare for an emergency you should:
  • Update and distribute emergency contact information to your employees. Additionally, create and distribute a list of important emergency numbers. Designate critical function or emergency personnel.
  • Organize an emergency preparedness procedures review with employees to review your company's emergency plans. Ensure everyone understands their roles in a "what if?" scenario.
  • Host a disaster preparedness brown bag lunch for employees. Invite local emergency managers to give a disaster preparedness briefing.
  • Get a NOAA Weather Radio and put it on display in your break room or other high-traffic locations and encourage employees to get their own for their homes as well.
  • Put an updated copy of the facility emergency plan on everyone's desk or in email and have group meetings to review it.
  • Showcase instructional videos or distribute preparedness information. Provide information online about training opportunities.
  • Conduct business continuity training. Contact a local business continuity or emergency management professional and work with company leadership to create or update disaster and continuity plans.
  • Conduct office evacuation/shelter-in-place exercises and drills. Schedule an emergency exercise or drill. Once completed, evaluate and decide if new procedures or training are needed. Consult with local responders or emergency managers to participate, observe or advise.
  • Distribute emergency preparedness messages. Include emergency preparedness messages in communication touch points such as emails, newsletter articles, bill stuffers, receipts, and social media.