Body Worn Cameras

The Blaine Police Department is considering the use of body worn cameras (BWCs). BWCs have the capability to enhance officer safety, document statements and events between police officers and the community, preserve information for current and future investigations, and enhance public trust and transparency, while respecting the privacy and rights of those we serve and those who serve.

The introduction of BWCs would be a multi-phased project. BWCs have been identified as a potential budget item for 2017, and the City Council will determine if such a purchase will be part of the 2017 budget. This decision needs to be made prior to the end of this year (2016). We will then be looking at best-practices from other agencies, along with model policies, and, of course, public comments.

There will also be a period of time needed to deploy and test the cameras and the system.

Phase I - Purchase

The Blaine Police Department is considering the purchase of Axon Body Worn Cameras. As noted by State law, a required public hearing will be held as part of the November 3, 2016 Blaine City Council Meeting, providing an opportunity for public comment on the purchase of BWCs. This information will also be posted on the City of Blaine website. The below mail and email addresses can be used to submit written comments about this purchase.


BWC Purchase c/o the Blaine Police Department
10801 Town Square Drive NE
Blaine, MN 55449

Please Note: Questions and comments for Phase 1 will be collected through the beginning of December. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will be available in early January 2017.

Phase II - Policy

Similar to Phase I, there must be an opportunity for public input. By May of 2017, information will be posted regarding the opportunity for the public to comment on the draft Blaine Police Department policy for BWCs. The City Newsletter will have contact information to send in comments, and additional information will be posted on the City of Blaine website regarding the draft BWC policy.

Phase III - Testing, Implementation and Deployment

Utilizing the input we have received, we will then put the BWCs into service.

Phase IV - Ongoing Support and Management of the System and Data

To efficiently respond to questions and comments that we received during the project, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will be created on the website. The responses will be posted sometime after the closing of the comment period.
We look forward to the responses from our community.

For more information on State Statutes related to the process, visit the following links:


Submitted by Police Chief Chris Olson