Utilities - Sewer & Water Permits

Requirements for Permit Application Submittal

  • Application (PDF)
  • 2 sets of complete working utility plans and specifications.
  • SAC determination required if this is for hooking up to City Sewer and Water.  Metropolitan Council 651-602-1421.
  • Right of Way permit if work is being done in Right of Way.

How to Submit a Permit Application and Required Information

  • Come to the counter between 8:00am and 4:30pm to drop off in person.
  • Mail to:
    Attn: Building Department
    City of Blaine
    10801 Town Square Dr NE
    Blaine, MN  55449

Fee & Permit Process

See fee schedule for permit fee.
  • View the Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • Once your permit has been reviewed you will be contacted to come pickup and pay for your permit.
  • When your permit has been paid for and you have the approved plans, you may start work and schedule inspections.

General Information

  • Typical minimum domestic line size is 2" and must be a separate tap off the city main.
  • Property will be checked for special assessments.

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