SAC Information

SAC - Sewer Availability Charge

The Metropolitan Council charges this one-time fee when a residence or business connects to the regional wastewater (sewage) system for the first time or when a business expands in a way that uses substantially more water.

Procedure to Apply for a SAC Determination

  • Applicant completes application materials and submits to Metropolitan Council.
  • Council calculates the amount of SAC the applicant must pay.
  • Applicant pays the fee to the city with the permit.
  • City pays the SAC to Metropolitan Council.

How to Submit a Permit Application and Required Information

  1. Permit and Plan Submittal Preferred Method

    Important: Plans must be submitted in the actual size they were drawn. Do not reduce the size of your drawings.

    Plans Larger than 11 x 17

    1. Please email Adeana Anderson at for a dropbox link to submit the application, job specifications, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, civil/utilities plans, soils reports, and energy heat loss.

    2. In addition, please mail or drop off (at Blaine City Hall main entryway), 2 complete paper copy sets to:

      Attn: Building Inspections
      City of Blaine
      10801 Town Square Drive NE
      Blaine, MN  55449

    Plans 11 x 17 or Smaller

    Email plans and documents to


  • One single-family home = 1 SAC unit = $2,485.
  • Industrial and commercial require a "determination" of the amount of wastewater capacity needed for the site. 

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