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Nov 20

Blaine Wetland Sanctuary Update - 11/20/2017

Posted on November 20, 2017 at 9:56 AM by Heidi Andrea

The City Parks Department will be trimming and cutting trees along the trail in the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary in the next few weeks.  This work will be weather dependent.

The Parks Department assess all the city’s trails and determines if there is a safety threat from a tree or branch falling on the trail.  If they determine that there is a tree or branch that could fall on the trail, they either trim the branches or cut the tree down, whether it is dead or alive.  The trees will be left in the woods to naturally decay over time providing nutrients back to the soil. The trees the City will be removing in the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary are live ash trees that are leaning directly over/towards the boardwalk.  They will eventually succumb to EAB.  The bridges and boardwalks are not structurally strong enough to support any kind of equipment.  Therefore, the City can only access the trees when the ground is frozen.  This is a matter of public safety, and the City is only concerned with a few trees that could potentially impact the boardwalk and trail system.  The trees are located on the east end, not too far from the trail head.