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The original item was published from 4/29/2022 3:00:30 PM to 5/16/2022 7:05:01 PM.

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Ordinances: Proposed Changes

Posted on: May 3, 2022

[ARCHIVED] ORD 21-2502 Granting Code Amendments

THE CITY OF BLAINE DOES ORDAIN: (Added portions are underscored and deleted portions are shown in overstrike.)


      33.05 Lot provisions

      (e) The required front yard of a corner lot shall not contain any wall, fence, or other structure, tree, shrub, or other growth, which may cause danger to  traffic on a street or public road by obscuring the view. On corner lots, in any district, no structure or planting in excess of thirty (30) inches above the curb line shall be permitted within the intersection sight distance triangle that are not 75% transparent.


      33.08 Fences

      (f)  (5) On corner lots, no fence greater than 30 inches in height shall be permitted within the intersection sight distance triangle that are not 75% transparent. 


      33.11 Permitted encroachments‑ yards

      (i)   On corner lots, in any district, encroachments are not permitted in excess of thirty (30) inches above the curb line in the intersection sight distance triangle that are not 75% transparent. 


      33.12 Traffic Control

      The traffic generated by any use shall be channeled and controlled in a manner that will avoid: congestion on public streets, traffic hazards, and excessive traffic through residential areas, particularly truck traffic. 

      (a) Internal traffic shall be so regulated as to insure its safe and orderly flow. Traffic into and out of commercial and industrial areas shall, to the extent possible, be forward moving with no backing into streets. On corner lots, no structure or other materials shall be placed within the intersection sight distance triangle between the height of two and one‑half (2½) and ten (10) feet above the center line grade of the intersecting street that is not 75% transparent. 


      Sec. 82‑231. Declaration of a nuisance.

      Structures, objects, fences that are not at least 75% transparent, or plantings in excess of 30 inches above the abutting curb line within the intersection sight distance triangle, may be declared a public safety hazard (public nuisance) by the City. The declared public nuisance shall be corrected by the property owner within 10 days of notice. If the correction is not made the City or its agent will abate the nuisance by trimming, altering or removing any declared nuisance. Costs associated with the nuisance abatement will be billed to the property owner.   which are deemed to create a hazard by the city engineer, are declared to be a public nuisance and shall be removed in accordance with the provisions of applicable ordinances and state laws.


      Sec. 82‑232. Intersection sight distance triangle.

      On all corner lots in all districts, the sight distance triangle (SDT) shall remain free of plantings, structures or objects exceeding 30 inches in height which create a public safety hazard to traffic and pedestrians. Chain link or decorative fencing that is 75% transparent or greater, may be permitted within the SDT based on review and approval by the Building and Engineering Departments. The City reserves the right to allow certain plantings, structures or objects  exceeding 30 inches in height which do not present an immediate public safety hazard (visual impairments) near the SDT. no structure, object or planting in excess of 30 inches above the abutting curbline shall be permitted within a triangular The SDT area is defined as follows: The intersection SDT sight distance triangle, in the case of 90 degree intersecting streets, shall be described as the area within a triangle formed by connecting the following three points: the point of intersection of the curblines adjacent to the lot of the intersecting streets, a point 60 feet from such point of intersection along one curbline, and a point 60 feet from such point of intersection along the other curbline. In the case of all other intersecting streets, the SDT intersection sight distance triangle shall be determined by the city engineer. 


      INTRODUCED and read in full this 2nd day of May, 2022.

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