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February 2020

This information has been compiled by the Community Outreach unit of the Blaine Police Department.

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Mail Thefts Increase

Residential and business outgoing mail thefts are on the rise. The best solution to prevent being a victim is to take the mail to the U.S. Post Office located behind Target at 10611 Baltimore St NE #100. There is a drive up mail receptacle on site also.

Tax Fraud and Scams

Check out this helpful infographic.

Catalytic Converter Thefts

Across the metro, including Blaine, catalytic converter thefts have become more prevalent. From Northtown Mall to commercial/business areas, people are discovering their vehicles not working properly and discover the catalytic converter missing. Try to park in a well-lit, high traffic area when shopping. Consider leaving your outside lights on if you park your car outside at home.

Remember to close your garage door at night and lock the door leading inside your home. Never leave anything of value inside the car, even if it is parked inside a garage. Lock the doors and do not leave keys in the ignition. Officers took a vehicle theft report from a person who ran into a gas station to grab some coffee. The vehicle was left unattended with the key inside. Four minutes later the victim discovers their vehicle is missing. Certain crimes are preventable if the proper precautions are taken.

Pocket Dialing 911

Smart phones have a feature that allows the user to dial 911 without actually trying. Since November, officers have responded to 153 pocket dials to 911. Some calls are made by children playing with the phone.

This type of false call takes an officer away from a legitimate call for service. When an address is not detected of where the call originated from, dispatchers have the ability to triangulate the call to an area of where it may have originated from, but not always the exact address.

Officers follow up on every call of this type, often times knocking on doors to see if anyone had called 911. Please be aware of emergency call features on your phone.

Curious about crime in your area?

Check out the Blaine crime map.

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