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November 30, 2017

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Kim Kiley
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Seniors Scammed

KARE 11 recently highlighted a crime that we see every now and then.  The Grandparent Scam.  An elderly man and woman were scammed out of $7,000 when they thought their “grandson” called, claiming to be in jail and needed bail money.  They never confirmed it by trying to call him or his parents. They were instructed to purchase Target gift cards and give the caller the information.

Sadly, it was a scam and they are out the money.  If you have elderly parents, please educate them about this preventable crime.  Attached is a PDF from the Minnesota Attorney General Office with more information.

Grandparent Scam Safety Tips from the Minnesota Attorney General Office :

Safety Tips

If you are unloading the bags from a shopping cart (at the grocery store) and into your car, don’t turn your back on the purse that’s sitting in the cart.  Make the purse the first thing you put in the car, then the groceries.  Lock the car doors before you run that cart back to the corral.  Same goes for the gas station.  Don’t leave your purse sitting out in the open, run into the gas station and leave your vehicle unlocked.

What Is YOUR Safe Escape Plan?

KARE 11 featured a story of a Lake Elmo family who lost their entire home to a fire recently.  When you listen to the interview with the Father, one of the things he mentions
is that he “never thought of fire safety” and didn’t have an escape plan.  They lost all important documents.

We have a pretty awesome fire department.  They have fire prevention people that educate residents on how to be fire safe.  What is your escape plan? Where are all of your important documents kept? Have a look at their website and schedule a home safety survey, it’ll be the best time spent and you will learn a lot.

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