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Tuesday, February 8

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Kim Kiley
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Has anyone checked out our social media feeds and signed up to “follow” us? Like it or not, social media isn’t going anywhere.  Are you a member of That social media app played a huge role during the two hurricane’s last year, some of it broadcasted on the nightly news and proved to be incredibly useful.  If you sign up for “alerts”, we promise not to flood your inbox.

Coffee with a Cop

Come and join us this Saturday, February 10th for Coffee with a Cop.  BPD Officers will be at Starbucks located inside Barnes & Noble book store from 10 to 11 a.m.  Come and meet some of the officers that protect our community. No agenda, just a friendly chat, ask
some questions or address a concern.
Fraud reports continue to trickle in. The types of fraud being reported are the over payment check when someone sells an item on Craigslist; the phony IRS will
arrest you call and Excel Energy is going to shut off your power if you don’t pay us now (and we want the money in the form of a prepaid credit card) It’s important to note that you do not need to call and report the fraud unless you are a victim.  I do, however, appreciate a call or email
to let me know what kind of fraud phone calls or emails you are seeing. 
One worth sharing, a resident forwarded me an email from what looked to be an official email from Comcast asking about her account information and was wondering if I felt it was an okay message to respond to.  My advice was to call Comcast and ask them.  She did just that and found out the email was indeed bogus.  A trick to some how obtain her account information.  Some of these emails look very real.
Stop and verify before you click!

Texting and driving, it can wait.  Put down the phone and pay attention to your driving.

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