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Thursday, March 29, 2018

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A reminder to close your garage door at night.  This should be part of a nightly (or daily if you work nights) to check that all doors are locked. This includes the door that leads to the house from the garage (if it’s an attached garage).  In the neighborhood I live in, late last week, a neighbor reported that he found his front door standing open.  He thinks that when he closed his garage door,
a suspected thief was stuck inside.  As they were upstairs for the night, the dog alerted them to something inside the house.  He went downstairs and found his front door standing open. The thought was that a thief was stuck inside and didn’t want to open the garage door; he then entered the house and fled out the front door. 
Scary if you think about it.

This is why it’s important to have a routine before bed to be sure all doors are locked, vehicles parked outside have valuables removed, all doors are locked and garage door closed.

Do you have teen at home?

I found this video from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.  Worth the time to watch
if you have teens in the house.

Residential Alarm Systems

Do you have a monitored security system in your home? Over 99% of all residential alarm calls are false.  The monitoring station should call you FIRST before calling our dispatchers to have an officer respond.  If there are motion sensors, be sure to check them to see if any insects have come out of hiding. Balloons, etc., will also set a motion sensor off. If only one zone of the alarm is tripped, it’s most likely a false alarm.  You can tell your monitoring station to not call our dispatchers when just one zone is tripped.
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