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Thursday, April 12

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Stay Alert To Your Surroundings

On March 9 at the Walmart on the East side of the city, a female reported that she was approached in the parking lot by a woman asking for money to escape an abusive relationship. The woman did not appear to be in distress or in danger. This type of incident we see reported once in a while but at different businesses and other scenarios.

 A similar incident occurred at a local veterinary office where a client was struggling to wrangle her three pets from the car to the vet office.  An unknown male offered to help the person. When the client went to retrieve her purse (which was left unlocked in her vehicle), it was missing.  In Fall of last year, we received two reports of people being approached by an unknown male in a parking lot of a pet supply store, asking for gas money and begging for money in general.  Don’t fall prey to it and stay alert to your surroundings.

Vandalism this Past Weekend

Several homes in the lakes area were "egged" last weekend.  This type of nuisance can lead to other types of juvenile mischief if left unchecked; if you or your teen know who did this, it  can reported confidentially via our Tip 411 app on the city website.

Law Enforcement Stepping Up Distracted Driving Efforts

From April 9 thru 22, law enforcement agencies across Minnesota will be conducting extra enforcement for distracted driving.

From the Anoka County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page (shared with permission)


We have received several reports recently involving an employment scam that is particularly cruel in that it targets those who are already out of work. The scam involves the posting of an online help wanted classified. The targeted victim applies for the job, goes through an application and online "interview" process and is offered a position. The scammer offers an elaborate scenario of pre-paying the alleged new employee, but the employee will have to pay back their income tax as it supposedly can’t be deducted by the employer. The victim then receives a check and is instructed to cash the check and remit the taxes. By the time the victim is advised that the check is fake, the scammer has already received the victim’s money. Although this sounds like a scenario where no intelligent person could fall for the deception, the process is involved and the scammers are very smooth at what they do. This is a long-standing scam where the theme changes, but the method of sending the victim a check and asking for a portion of it to be returned has been used for decades. It is always sage advice to consider, “If it sounds to food to be true, it probably is.” Never accept any payment that asks you to return a small portion of the original sum.

I'd say enjoy the rest of the week, but I think everyone is about done with the winter weather nonsense.
Instead, I'll just say, THINK SPRING. 

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