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May 9, 2018

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Recreational Fires

This past weekend, BPD officers received more than a few calls for recreational fires that had gotten out of control.  All local news stations had reported about the high fire danger across the state.

Take a few mome
nts to read the City Ordinance on recreational fires:

False 9-1-1 Calls

A common type of call officers respond to are 9-1-1 calls that turn out to be false.
  • A child playing with a phone that has no service but still calls 9-1-1
  • Pocket dials
  • A cell phone that has service and officers find that a child is playing with the phone.
Please exercise caution when letting small children play with your phone.

Night to Unite Registration

Start planning your block party now for the best Tuesday in Blaine! Click the link below for more information.

The Minnesota Attorney General Warns About Scams

Shared from the Anoka County Sheriff's Office

Complainant reports a few months ago she received an email on her computer or it may of been someone calling her about protecting her computer from Russia "hacking" it. The complainant reports she has been paying this individual thousands of dollars in gift cards to protect her computer and each time they ask for more money because of a 30% additive fee and a "delay" fee. The complainant continued paying through gift cards until recently she realized it was a scam.

The complainant states she paid upward of fifteen thousand dollars, she is not sure of the exact amount. The complainant states the male has a accent and calls her on her land line and cellphone. The complainant states when she buys the gift cards, the male tells her to scratch off the back and read him the numbers. The complainant states she never gave her social security or debit card numbers to the male but she had to change her bank account with Wells Fargo twice because of inaccuracy in her bank account. The complainant states Wells Fargo is aware of the situation and is watching her account.

The complainant states she received the calls from dozens of different phone numbers from New York and some Minnesota numbers. The complainant states the main number that they call from is from Platsville, New York (518) 299-0352. I advised the complainant not to answer the calls anymore and to speak to someone that works with her phone carrier to see if the incoming numbers can be blocked, no further information at this time.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

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