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Friday, June 8, 2018

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Water Safety Tips

If you and your family will be visiting the pool, a beach or lake this summer, take a few moments to read these water safety tips from the National Safety Council:

Common Calls For Service

  • Barking dogs – please be mindful of your neighbors when you let your dog out.  Not everyone works during the day.  A barking dog disturbs everyone within earshot.
  • Dogs at large – You are responsible for your pet.  When walking your dog, it shall be on leash.
  • Loud Parties  please be mindful of your neighbor and keep the noise level at an acceptable level for your neighbors within earshot.
Phantom or pocket 9-1-1 dials. If you tuck your phone into a pocket, be mindful of 9-1-1 dials.  This includes giving the phone to a child to play with.  Cell phones aren’t toys

Blaine Farmers Market Moves Outdoors

Outdoor Blaine Farmers Market started on Wednesday!  It will be held in the south central parking lot.The Blaine Farmers Market begins this week on Wednesday from 3-7pm in the parking lot!  Click on the link for more information on vendors and times. 

We hope you stop by on your way home to shop.

Traffic Alert This Weekend

The National Sports Center is hosting the Joyful Noise Music Festival today and Saturday.  The anticipated attendance is 18k or more. 
105th Avenue is still under construction and is limited to one lane of traffic in each direction.  We anticipate the heaviest traffic to be between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. which will also affect traffic on Highway 65 during rush hour.

If you are attending the concert, we encourage you to enter the parking lot off of Davenport North of 105th or the  large parking lot off 109th and Davenport.

Police Media Report    

Enjoy the rest of the week and drive safe.
Put the cell phone on silent and give driving your full attention.

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