Crime Prevention Update

January 11, 2019

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Development in Blaine

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Auto Thieves Arrested

On Tuesday, officers were searching for two suspects who fled from a stolen vehicle on foot in the area of 104th and Flanders St NE. 

With the help of alert residents and their doorbell cameras, officers were able to track the suspects and safely take them into custody. If you have a doorbell camera or additional outside cameras, put them in use in the fight against crime by registering them with the Blaine Police Department.

Preventable Crime

Please remember never leave valuables like a purse unattended in your vehicle. A woman reported to officers that when she returned to her car after being at the senior center, she found the drivers side window shattered and her purse (which was tucked down by the driver’s seat) missing. Inside her purse was her cell phone, credit cards and social security card. It’s likely that her information has already been sold on the black market. This just one reason to NOT carry your social security card in your wallet.

Frauds and Seniors

A Resident reported possible fraud when they received a call from a someone claiming to be from a radio station. The person claimed to be from KS95 and they needed to verify information for the stations double your paycheck promotion. While KS95 does have this type of promotion going, they do not call anyone who has not registered specifically for this.

If you have elderly parents that live on their own, consider having a conversation about fraudulent phone calls when a person calls and asks to verify personal information, asks for money, or wants them to purchase gift cards. These are all signs of fraud.

This video, while nine years old, is still very relevant and depicts how seniors get tricked into giving money to someone who they think is their grandchild.

Curious About Crime in Your Area?

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