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January 24, 2019

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Traveling Abroad Safety Tips

Looking to escape the Minnesota cold?
If you do leave town, be sure to have a trusted neighbor keep an eye on your home and shovel your driveway if possible.

Last year, a resident noticed their neighbors garage door open and witnessed a suspicious car in the area and reported it. Officers arrived shortly and found that the home had been burglarized.

The officer contacted the home owner via FaceTime. The officer was able to walk with his phone throughout the home so the owner could see what items were missing and which areas were ransacked. How’s that for a great use of technology! The burglars were eventually arrested in Fridley after they attempted to pawn the stolen property.

When interviewed, they told detectives they drove around looking for homes that looked unoccupied.

Be sure to have your mail collected every day or have it stopped and then collect it at the post office or have it bulk delivered when you return. Set a timer or two on your lights to give your home that occupied appearance.

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And remember, just because it's cold and snowy, it doesn't mean crime takes a vacation.

Auto Theft Reminder

Auto thefts are on the rise as people warm up their vehicle and then leave it unattended, unlocked and with valuables inside.

The police department also receives reports of parents who run into the store for "just a minute”, which turns out to be much longer. This action leaves kids alone in a car that’s running, which can lead to several dangerous outcomes. Don’t risk it.

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