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May 10, 2019

This information has been shared with you by the Community Outreach Unit of the Blaine Police Department.

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Burglary Prevention

With warm weather nearly here, typically there is an uptick in residential burglary reports. Here is how to help avoid being the next victim.

Lock exterior doors, all doors, each and every time you leave. This includes when you are working in the yard. 

Lock car doors. Even if it is parked in a garage.

Keep garage doors closed unless you are working in the garage. Criminals looks for easy targets, residents can do a lot to help make their homes not look like an easy target.

Keep a garage inventory. This includes photos, serial numbers, make and model numbers of power tools, yard equipment, and bicycles.

Keep the inventory in a safe place and in multiple places, in the event your property is taken.

Be a good neighbor and report suspicious people, cars or activity in your neighborhood. The police department counts on residents to help keep the community safe.

Another tip is to be mindful of barking dogs. While sometimes an annoyance, it can also signal an intruder.

False Alarm Prevention

Have a home alarm system? Severe weather residential false alarms take officers away from true emergencies. Please take a few moments to read about false alarms and severe weather.

More information

Take the time to read the alarm system manual, update contact information with the monitoring station, and replace old batteries in the control panel.

Fake I.R.S. Phone Calls

The I.R.S. or Internal Revenue Service will never call and claim there is a warrant out for your arrest for unpaid taxes.


Over the past few days, officers have taken reports from residents who have received this very type of phone call, in which the caller will ask for the victims social security number. Do not fall prey to their scare tactics and give them your personal information. If in doubt, call and ask an officer to help you verify if the call is fake.

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