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December 2019

This information has been compiled by the Community Outreach unit of the Blaine Police Department.

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Holiday Package Theft Prevention

The holiday shopping season has begun and along with that an increase in thefts. Residents with an exterior camera or doorbell type camera are encouraged to consider registering it with the Blaine Police Department.

By doing so, it may help neighbors in the event a package is stolen or other criminal activity occurs in the area. It is free to register and you can rescind your participation at any time. Read more about camera registrations here:

Recent Fraud and Scam Attempts

A Blaine resident reported they were scammed out of approximately $6,000 after receiving a phone call from someone claiming to be from Social Security informing them they would be arrested if they did not pay a fine. The resident then obtained six gift cards from a local store. A store clerk tried to advise the resident it was a scam, but the victim felt it was real and gave the card numbers and codes to the scammers. Remember that phone numbers used by scammers are often disconnected after they obtain money from a victim.

Anytime an unknown person claiming to be from an organization or a government agency demands money in the form of gift cards, or any other form of payment, it is fake. If ever in doubt, call the police at 763-427-1212 and ask to speak with an officer about possible fraud. Better to ask questions first than lose any hard earned money. 

Auto Thefts Increase in Winter

Living in Minnesota, it is a given that some people prefer to warm up their vehicle if it sits outside overnight. It is when a vehicle is left unoccupied that a thief takes the opportunity presented to them.

Resist the urge to leave your vehicle unoccupied when you warm it up. The same goes when picking up a child from daycare or school when a parent runs into the building for “just a minute”. Also, never leave a vehicle with a child in it when you run into the store for “just a minute”.

Following these tips will help reduce the opportunities for criminals to act in our community.
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