How do I find out about summer employment?

We begin taking applications for summer employment on February 1 through March. Employment runs from approximately June 1 until mid-August. Positions will be posted at

Employment Opportunities

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1. What hours are the city parks open?
2. Where can I get information about recreation programs?
3. How do I register for recreation programs?
4. Do I need to be a Blaine resident to register for recreation programs?
5. Where can I find the Recreation Connection publications?
6. How do I reserve a park shelter or building?
7. How do I find out about summer employment?
8. When do the restrooms typically open and close at the parks?
9. When does the beach/splash pad open and close at Lakeside Commons Park?
10. When does summer adult softball registration begin? Fall softball registration?
11. Does Blaine have a festival? If so, when?
12. Does Blaine have fireworks? If so, when?
13. Are dogs allowed in the city parks?
14. Where do I report a park concern i.e. broken equipment, vandalism?
15. How and when can I obtain a Community Garden plot?
16. Does Blaine have a dog park? If so, where?
17. Are alcohol and tobacco allowed in city parks?
18. Where do I sign up my child for Little League and other youth sports programs?
19. What type of soccer program does Blaine offer?
20. Can I fish at the Sunrise Lake at Lakeside Commons Park?
21. Can I operate a motorized boat on Sunrise Lake at Lakeside Commons Park?